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Workshop on Innovative Data Collection for 2020 Round Censuses: eCensus & Register-based Census
Agenda for the Innovative Data Collection for 2020 Round Censuses.pdf(75K)

1) Workshop Title

- The workshop on Innovative Data Collection for 2020 Round Censuses: eCensus & Register-based Census


2) Introduction of the workshop on Innovative Data Collection for 2020 Round Censuses

- eCensuses and Register-based Censuses are now the significant topics for the world where the meaning of borders is fading and people are working more frequently outside of their home and countries. This workshop, ‘Innovative Data Collection for the 2020 Round of Censuses: eCensus & Register-based Census’ will provide a platform for experts and government officials on population statistics to share knowledge and practical experiences on the latest census issues. By inviting and holding discussion with experts from countries that have shown successful results of eCensuses and register-based censuses, workshop participants can find solutions and new approaches for their own research, introduce the latest census data collection methods, and discuss future development plans. Statistics Korea is currently preparing for the 2020 Population Housing Census and expects this workshop to help improve the quality of their upcoming 2020 Census.


3) Host: Statistics Korea


4) Topics

- eCensuses and Innovative Data Collection

- Quality Assessment of Register-based Censuses 


5) Date: 22 (Thu) to 23 (Fri) November, 2018 


6) Venue: Interciti Hotel, Daejeon, Republic of Korea 

7) Invited Speakers

- Mark E. Asiala, Assistant Division Chief, American Community  Survey Statistical Design, Decennial Statistical  Studies Division, U.S. Census Bureau 

- Marc Hamel, Director General,  Census Program, Census Operations, and Informatics, Statistics Canada 

- Seet Chia Sing, Director, Census Office, Singapore Department  of Statistics 

- Daniel Pfeffermenn, National Statistician,  Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel 

- Eric Schulte Nordholt, Senior Researcher and Project Leader of the Census, Statistics Netherlands 

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